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The VA will have to approve the individual who acts as the fiduciary as someone reputable to handle the financial affairs according to their guidelines. This will require a meeting with a Field Agent if you request to be appointed. Due to a lack of Field Agents, the wait time for this meeting to be scheduled can be several months. Be sure to include VA Form 21-0845 (Authorization to Disclose Personal Information to a Third Party), so that you will be able to call the VA on behalf of the claimant. Without this form the VA will not discuss the application with you.

The Clearwater auto accident attorneys at the Dolman Law Group understand the value of education. After all, all of our attorneys have earned an undergraduate degree and successfully completed a rigorous juris doctorate program during law school. We also understand that college can place a tremendous financial strain on both students and their families. As a result, we are offering a $1,100 BI-ANNUAL scholarship to a current or prospective college student. The scholarship will be awarded to the winner of our video essay contest, the details of which are outlined below.

Apply essay

apply essay


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