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Contemporary folklore and stereotypes that we are exposed to contribute to a lack of knowledge concerning native American fishing practices. Brumbach (1986:36) noted that "popular folklore emphasizes fertilizer value of the fish but seems vague about their consumption as food." Perhaps the stereotype of the "hunter/gatherer" among anthropologists similarly attenuated a focus on fishing, as the word "fishing" is not included in the phrase "hunting/gathering." Despite this fact, in some societies, the role of fishing may have been equal to or surpassed that of hunting and/or gathering. [5]

You can count the ingredients in our bread on one hand: flour, starter, water, salt and time. We use only organic stone-ground flour milled to our exacting specifications—this is what gives our bread an earthy, deep richness and hearty crust. While commercial bakeries might use yeast to get their bread to rise, we nurture a natural sourdough starter to give our breads lift. It’s the secret to our bread’s rich aroma and craggy interior. And time is always on our side. We take bread making nice and slow, letting the levain starter do its job, with our bakers guiding the way.

Bank thesis

bank thesis


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