Bivariate data coursework

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   This section cited in 22 Pa. Code §   (relating to high school education); 22 Pa. Code §   (relating to high school graduation requirements); and 22 Pa. Code §   (relating to standards and reports). § .  Standards and reports.  (a)  The Secretary is responsible for the promulgation of standards appropriate for implementing §   (relating to vocational-technical education). Present standards, to the extent that they are inconsistent, are superseded by this chapter.  (b)  The Secretary will report annually to the Board on the status of vocational-technical education programs, including tech-prep and apprenticeship programs. Reports will include numbers and types of programs, numbers of students, post-program status of students, Statewide competency standards and assessment information.
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Bivariate data coursework

bivariate data coursework


bivariate data courseworkbivariate data coursework