Chemistry thesis statements

Examination in Special Syllabus, KJ3091 , KJ3092  ( ECTS credits) or KJ3093 (10 ECTS credits) have to take place either before the presentation of the thesis, or in relation to the presentation. The content of the Special Syllabus is often chosen by your supervisor, but you may also give additions to its content. It is important to emphasise that the Special Syllabus should NOT be a central part of your master thesis, but more of an overviewing character. The Special Syllabus should be approximately 250 pages (for ECTS credits) excluded references, and must be approved by the department before it is used. The number of pages might vary on the content of each page; Many figures/pictures etc. The Special Syllabus (KJ3091 or KJ3093) can be arranged at the same day as the final master exam or within two weeks before the final master exam. Date for the exam in the Special Syllabus is determined by supervisor and examiner.

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Chemistry thesis statements

chemistry thesis statements


chemistry thesis statementschemistry thesis statementschemistry thesis statementschemistry thesis statements