Corporal punishment research paper

During 2001-AUG, Focus on the Family , a Fundamentalist Christian agency, held a poll of visitors to their web site on government interference in the family. The question was: " How much do you worry about the government interfering with your parenting. " This could cover a range of concerns, including sex-education in the public schools, to teaching their children about sexual orientation. But conservative Christians seem to have an increasing concern of Child Protective Services intruding into the home because of the use of corporal punishment. Results of 10,543 responses to the question were:

He had given her a chance by waiting a few days to complain about the chores hoping she would resolve it on her own.  That turned into a well-earned paddling, but in the grand scope of things, not the worst spanking she had ever had.  Now it was time to make a complete and total adjustment to her behavior.  When she was getting a bare bottom strapping at the age of 11, he held back a bit, but that was not going to be the case today. He bottom showed signs of the paddling with both of her cheeks showing a little purple, which was fine by him, that would make the whoopin all the more painful.  The belt was lifted high in the air and he got to work on that attitude.  He took that belt to her bottom like he had entered a contest.  He wore her bottom out as hard and as fast as he could accurately swing, and she reacted immediately.  She seemed to have forgotten how much a belt can sting because it took her just a matter of moments before the tears began to flow.  Over and over that belt was brought down on her teen bottom, and unlike the paddle, he wore her entire ass out. He started at the top of her butt crack and worked his way down until he was at the top of her thighs.  Once he was at the bottom he worked his way back up.  He made this trip up and down her bare bottom close to 10 separate times and only stopped when her entire bottom was a mess of welts and marks.  Never in his life had he spanked her twice in a row, nor had he ever spanked her this hard.  But attitude that day had brought it about, so he felt no remorse for administering the discipline she had 100% earned.  With the tears still flowing, he told her to get her pants back up and to get her red bottom into the kitchen.  He warned her that if he heard one more stomp, one more clinking plate, or another word out of her mouth, then they would explore exactly what that paddle feels like on her bare bottom.

A spanking paddle is a usually wooden instrument with a long, flat face and narrow neck, so called because it is roughly shaped like the piece of sports equipment, but existing in more varied sizes and dimensions (length, width, and thickness), used to administer a spanking to the buttocks; it would be too hard and heavy to use safely on the back. A spanking paddle can sometimes be called shingle, apparently after its form, or be given names (rather like weapons in military and police units). Educators and children in households where a paddle is used for discipline sometimes award the paddle such nicknames also, such as "Lola's bane," "The 'Board' of Education," and "Mother's Little Helper." (Confusingly, sometimes non-wooden flat devices, such as leather straps, are wrongly called paddles, even in official institutions.)

Corporal punishment research paper

corporal punishment research paper


corporal punishment research papercorporal punishment research paper