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Persons in the society are the basic unit n which the whole edifice is standing is the capacity building of the individuals which makes the society to flourish or population,limited resources have created many challenges at the societal and at the policy making are debated and the nuances are delved off populace have been given to give up the subsidy in order to make the subsidy sustainable. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) have been amended to incorporate the inclusive approach in are more things which needs to be inculcated in order to realise and achieve a better society where citizens are empowered and needn’t have to depend upon the doles for their bare minimum challenge is tough seeing the state of majority of population in our country or for that matter whole this is what we need to strive for.

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The main cultural silent feature of Indian society is the joint family. But the urbanization and modernization brought enormous changes in the family system. The traditional family system have been changed so much that it is gradually on the diminish lines from the urban scene. There is absolutely no chance of reversal of this trend. In rural areas the size of joint families has been substantially reduced or is found in its fragmented form, some are due to migration of rural to urban areas. The reason behind this is when the male migrates to any urban cities, living a joint family in cities is more expensive then in villages (Singh, 2004). The joint family in rural areas is surviving in its skeleton, all the male / adults have migrated to cities either to pursue higher education or to secure more profitable job. A joint family in the native village is the source of nuclear families in towns.

Essay rise prices india

essay rise prices india


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