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First real attack of the game goes to the Raiders, but a sliding tackle from Ben stops a dangerous foray into our box. Reds are next with pressure on Raiders,  ending in a corner for Reds, which amounts to nothing and Reds tackling seems missing at present.  The game becomes a bit of ‘hoof and run’ with neither team taking control.  However, 7 minutes into the game, there is a lovely ball down the line from Tim to Danny who makes a run down the wing crosses and Finlay collects to get on the scoreboard.  Another break from Calverton with the sun in the keepers eyes and a simple pass from Fin to Regan sees the ball sailing over the keepers head into the back of the net for Regan.  Reds are starting to enjoy this match!  Fin has another good effort from a corner saved by the Raiders keeper.  Riverside are coming back, they have a shot just wide of the goal, keeping Reds in their own half and pressuring hard.  Reds break down the left side, with Luke, Alex and Fin all in the box lining up for the cross or rebound, but the keeper save and collects.  Reds players are hungry for goals and keen to atone for the 4-2 reverse at Riverside a couple of weeks ago (although now with some of our players back!).  Dan makes another run and shoots and scores to make it 3-0.  Raiders coming back at the Reds, real pressure on the Reds defence, they are all over them and for a few minutes the Reds have no answer to the barrage. Raiders shoot, miss, but seconds later they are back at the Reds and this time score a goal with a break down the right wing.  It must be nearly half time as both teams are hot and quiet, Fred for the Reds makes an attempt on goal before the whistle is blown. Second half Riverside are straight on the attack from the whistle, Reds return the pressure, both teams are hungry for this win with the away side trying everything in the book to get back in the match. Goalie Luke has to be carried from the pitch after a brave save in the area at the feet of the onrushing opponent, replaced by debutant Jai. Minutes later, midfielder Luke is taken out by a challenge from their number 3 and replaced for the last 15 minutes by Danny. However, you clearly can’t keep a good player down as he collected his second of the match and final goal almost immediately.  Reds defence keep Riverside from having any on target shots and go on to replace them in the top 3 of the table. A battling performance from each side saw a valuable three points and hard-fought win for the home side.

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El Hotel Boutique Casa Diamante  ubicado en el Pueblo Mágico Mineral de Pozos, cuya operación generará cerca de 35 empleos directos y más de 140 indirectos. Así mismo, El Hotel Boutique Casa Diamante busca ser una empresa competitiva, tal y como se ha posicionado  al estado de Guanajuato en contextos nacionlaes e internacionales así como responsable del medio ambiente y su entorno social, por lo que considera especial atención a sus colaboradores a través de capacitación, formación constante y la oportunidad de desarrollo profesional y personal sin distinción de género o de capacidades.

Essayage coupe de cheveux

essayage coupe de cheveux


essayage coupe de cheveuxessayage coupe de cheveuxessayage coupe de cheveuxessayage coupe de cheveux