Ethics for amador essay

Director : Mike McKinlay was born in North Vancouver and raised in the Okanagan Valley. During his 15 years as a cameraman/DP, Mike’s film subjects have varied; from non-fictional narrative to wildlife and environmental awareness films, Mike has had the opportunity to work within both the corporate and documentary world. Some of his most recent clients have included National Geographic, the National Film Board of Canada, Wilderness Committee, Nature Trust of BC and the Pacific Wildlife Foundation. Mike is also a professional skateboarder. Isabelle Groc is a freelance writer and wildlife photographer, focusing on environmental science, wildlife natural history and conservation, endangered species, marine mammals and ecosystems. She has also worked as the Species at Risk Project Coordinator for the Wilderness Committee since 2010. Her work has appeared in many publications, including National Geographic News, BBC Wildlife and Canadian Wildlife. Isabelle has produced videos for National Geographic, and she co-directed and wrote ten short films on BC’s species at risk with Mike McKinlay. A fellow of the Explorers Club, she has travelled to remote places to raise the profile of many little-known, elusive and under-appreciated threatened species, aiming to inspire concern and action for their conservation. She is inspired by the Western toads’ tenacity and gentleness.

EEO/Affirmative Action/ADA/Diversity
Procedures for Employing Staff
Employment of Relatives: Nepotism
Relocation Reimbursement for New Staff
Career Ladder Advancement
Tuition Reimbursement
Employee Records: Confidentiality and Access
Sexual Harassment
Layoff Due to Reduction in Work Force
Employee Problem Solving, Progressive Discipline and Grievance Procedures
Job Related Injury or Illness
Overtime Pay
Compensatory Time
Solicitation and Distribution
Salary Administration: Policy and Procedures
Leave Policy: Sick, Vacation, Holiday, Funeral, Military, Jury Duty and AWOP
Health Benefit Eligibility
Reinstatement of Employment
Unemployment Compensation
Shift and Stand-By (On call) Pay
Executive Compensation

Ethics for amador essay

ethics for amador essay


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