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REID: We have the most expensive compliance system in the world. The IRS brags that they spend 35 cents for every $100 they collect. They’re very efficient collectors. And the reason is they stick the real cost on you and me. Americans spend about 6 billion hours a year collecting the data and filling out the forms. We spend $10 billion to H&R Block and other preparers. And on top of that, $2 billion in tax preparation software, which still takes hours of work. It’s outrageous the burden we put on people, and guess what, you go to Europe, you go to Japan, it’s 15 minutes and costs nothing.

After all, the most popular governors in the country—Blue State Republicans Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and Larry Hogan of Maryland—cannot hope to run for president because their very moderation, which makes them so popular and effective, is a disqualifier in the Republican primary. When our political parties write-off the very candidates who have proven their ability to appeal across the aisle, we are living in an insane situation that doesn’t reflect well on our ability to unite and govern in the national interest. And this self-inflcited dysfunction only adds credence to those competing powers who want to make the case that liberal democracy is inefficient and ill-equipped to succed in the 21st century.

Oh wow, Trump "turning his back" on the Paris Climate Accord (which was never ratified by Congress). What a joke.

Honestly, this is what professional academics write?

1) USA continues to move forward with green energy.
2) China is a planned and managed economy.
3) Fracking and the cheap and abundant natural gas is what is driving the decline in green house emissions.

Seriously, god, this site is garbage. No wonder no one listens to academics anymore. The "IUS, on the other hand, is literally digging its own grave." What a joke. How about the ground water pollution and other environmental damage that China has?


This author is a joke and this site is as well. Sad that people go into debt taking classed from this individual.

Yeah, China, tons to teach the USA. lol

Example teach for america essays

example teach for america essays


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