Got breakfast essay contest

But there was one person who noticed my eating disorder. My babysitter took me to the doctor one time. I was there to get shots but she took the time to talk to the doctor. The doctor was concerned about my weight. She showed me pictures of girls who suffered from anorexia and bulimia. It was gross seeing how skinny they looked. She explained that this can cause stomach cancer and even lead to death. Because of throwing up, there’ll come a point when the body will not want any food. The body does not get all the nutrients it needs and slows down; eventually, it stops working. Some of the pictures showed girls in bed with a tube stuck to them. The girls in the photos were so thin; you could see all their rib bones and backbones. She said you soon get thin hair and are always cold.

My 12 year old son was diagnosed as a type one diabetic 7 months ago. He was headed down the path of getting heavy like everyone on my side of the family until the symptoms of unexplained weight loss and lethargy kicked in.
After things settled and we got used to our "new normal," I'm noticing his "set point" is leaner than before. He is excelling at sports too. Unlike the rest of that side of the family that became obese around his age.
At first I figured it was because he was forced into portion control with his carbs. And the thought of adding insulin via his pump was too much of a bother to eat more. But that did'nt hold up as I know my side of the family will ravenously pound simple carbs all day long.
This article has made me pause and figure that the reason he is getting leaner (even though he has to eat breakfast, unlike non-diabetics) is because at breakfast time his body cannot produce the extra insulin given at the "CAR" and his hunger levels will then remain more stable since his body will only utilize the insulin he programs his pump to administer.
After a 2 month absence, Martin hits a grand slam article!

On a positive side,due to the rapid deforestation and depleting natural vegetations, few wild animals are losing their natural homes and are on the verge of zoos provides shelter to such endangered animals and help us avoid losing them ,the zoos provides an excellent oppurtunity to the children and adults aswell to have a close look at the animals which otherwise would be not possible to is very beneficial to the students both from the educations as well as from the entertainment point of importantly,the animals are taken well care off in the zoos with proper living conditions and
However,contrary to the above, there are ample negative aspects of keeping the animals in the zoos which many think are against the will of the animals are denied of their freedom by limiting them to the cages and regularly hounded aby the animals are depriving of their privacies and importantly,there have been numerous cases of animal detahs in zoos resulting due to improper living conditions,food and lack of care by the
Although there are pros and cons of keeping the animals in zoos,a more acceptable approach would to maintain the animals by providing a proper and suitable living conditions to the would result in a win win situation for both the animals as well as the curious

Got breakfast essay contest

got breakfast essay contest


got breakfast essay contestgot breakfast essay contestgot breakfast essay contestgot breakfast essay contest