High school expectations essay

In many ways, the concept of high expectations is not just an educational or instructional issue, but also an ethical and social-justice issue. The concept of high expectations could be seen as an antipode to the often-heard phrase “the soft bigotry of low expectations,” which refers to the lowering of expectations—either intentionally or unintentionally—for certain student groups, such as minorities, low-income students, special-education students, English-language learners , and other groups that have historically underperformed or underachieved. The basic idea is that lowering expectations for certain groups only exacerbates and perpetuates the conditions that cause or contribute to lower educational, professional, financial, or cultural achievement and success. In education, the way to break this self-perpetuating “cycle of low expectations,” it is believed, is to raise academic expectations and make sure all students receive the assistance they need to reach those high expectations.

High expectations, challenge and opportunity are at the heart of our school. As soon as you enter Wrotham School you will sense the strong ethos that underlines everything we do. The achievement of our students speaks for itself and highlights the high quality teaching and support that our students receive every day. School Prospectus 2015-16 click here to download our school prospectus 2016-17 Pro-Soccer Academy Pro Soccer Academy’s Development Centres are designed to further your child’s football development using a series of fun structured sessions, concentrating on players’ skill and technique. We believe all players should be given the opportunity to play in a fun and enjoyable learning environment giving players the confidence to express themselves through soccer! Players are split into age specific groups and work on specific topics throughout the term including key areas of the game such as passing, dribbling, keep ball, defending and shooting incorporating high tempo drills as well as small sided matches. Wrotham Development Centre Click here read more PSA – Corporate from Nathan Caws on Vimeo .   Thinking of Staying On? Wrotham School 6th Form Our sixth form is the biggest it has ever been.  This means we can offer a broad range of subjects which appeal to everyone.  Please see our specific page by clicking here .   We like to socialise @WrothamSixth

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I totally agree with this post. We don’t really have cliques, everyone kinda hops around. The cheer team sometimes believes they are better than everyone, but for the most part they’re really nice. We don’t really have “emo” kids maybe like 5 out of 1600. And lower classmen rarely see the seniors because they get to go home early if they’ve met their required credits. But then again, I live in a upper class city in Arizona, so I guess it depends on where you live. The only downside is that there’s slight prejudices because of lack of minority. I happen to be Black, sooo….., that problem is not in my favor.

High school expectations essay

high school expectations essay


high school expectations essayhigh school expectations essayhigh school expectations essayhigh school expectations essay