Horgan dissertation

It was quiet in the kitchen but with the normal whispering tick of the wall clock increased in volume to seemingly loud metronomic authority. I can’t remember the day but it was sometime in late May or early June 1940. I can remember my mother sitting in her usual armchair at one end of the kitchen table; my father at the other puffing on his clay pipe, as nearby neighbour Walter “Wally” Emery apologized for his shabby clothes. And my mother reaching out to comfort-pat his arm as he tightened the string holding up his oversized army issue khaki pants and tried to tuck in what was left of his shirt.

Sara is an experienced researcher with degrees in Sociology and Arts Policy, and a PhD in Gender and Equality Studies. She has worked in the area of grant making and policy analysis for almost a decade and has worked across a wide range of public agencies including the Sustainable Energy Authority, the Public Appointments Service, The Arts Council and the Department of the Taoiseach. Her role with The Community Foundation allows her to pursue her interest in equality and community development while ensuring that the Community Foundation’s donors are nurtured and supported in their philanthropic endeavours.

Horgan dissertation

horgan dissertation


horgan dissertationhorgan dissertationhorgan dissertationhorgan dissertation