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This is one of Stanton’s great talents. He was a varied actor, and he took on an incredible range of roles, but in genre films he often played this sort of regular Joe. He was there to connect films like Alien to a vision of a regular world outside the events of the film. He takes what happens with a weary honesty and a willingness, despite everything, to just roll with it. Like his cameo in The Avengers , where he greets a post-Hulk Bruce Banner with bemused acceptance. Even in his most exaggerated appearances, this element never fully disappears from Stanton’s performance. He had this quiet frailty about him, a sense of connection that made him feel like like an instantly familiar and understandable presence every time he took to the screen.

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Mischief Managed is a brand new, original character, contemporary Harry Potter RPG currently seeking talented writers. We are a unique community of original characters that still respect the canon laws of the Harry Potter universe. We value in-depth character development and mature writers (Mary-Sues and self-inserts will not be considered.) This is an HP board for dedicated writers and storytellers that enjoy collaborating with their fellow 'students' to create their own history.

Livejournal harry potter essays

livejournal harry potter essays


livejournal harry potter essayslivejournal harry potter essayslivejournal harry potter essayslivejournal harry potter essays