National public radio essays

This is, as I say, a kind of ongoing narrative that's always being written and rewritten. We are a lean shop and so, our development team subscribes to lean principles. But, we also, as I said, have a really first-class design team. And so, in this kind of constant state of self-evaluation and reinterpretation of what we're doing and how we do it, I'm always very interested in exploring new technologies, new methods of doing our work. So, "design thinking," particularly thinking about the needs of the end-user and following the story of where they are, where they're going, and how we can design our products and our platforms to meet them accordingly. That is, as you probably know, and your listeners probably know, there's a pretty intricate science to the methods of design thinking; that is something that we're also exploring as well.

This morning, in Kiawah, ., listening to NPR I was shocked to hear a commentary on oil, under a forest too beautiful to disturb in South America. The country’s solution was to ask other countries to contribute billions of dollars not to dig up the forest. Thus, comments were made, no one would contribute. HOwever other countries did,the USA did not, which surprised me since we send billions of dollars to Egypt, Iraq, Isreal, and Afghanistan, etc, and don’t get anything in return for our money. My opinion is the story needs more work.

National public radio essays

national public radio essays


national public radio essaysnational public radio essaysnational public radio essaysnational public radio essays