Opening sentence for essay

For me this post is profoundly depressing. The message is: if you’ve nothing interesting to write, here is how to get people to read more of it anyway. I’m not a blogger but wouldn’t the world be a better place if you wrote nothing until you had an angle or perspective that was worth sharing. Why not measure your success by whether you are actually writing something worth reading?
If you read Dear Sugar ( http:///sections/dear-sugar/ ) or Mr Money Moustache ( http:/// ) or one of many fabulous blogs, you’ll notice they do great work. They build their audience by engaging their readers with great writing, making you visit even when they stopped writing 2 years ago – in the vain hope another article has posted.
My counter-advice to bloggers would be to write something worth reading every week for several years and leave the cheap tricks to the vanity metric junkies.
Now back to writing a speech which follows your 3 rules with bonus tip…

After seventeen years and thousands upon thousands of entries, it’s rare that I receive an entry based on a twist I haven’t seen before.  Even rarer is a twist as brilliant as “the protagonist’s namesake & Garfunkel”.  Bravo. There have been other entries built around pop culture references like this—​the Space:  1999 entry back in 2009 springs to mind—​but I had to include this one as well: ◊ This is my coming - of - age story. Not literally, like the movie “Big”, starring Tom Hanks, or the movie “ 13 Going On 30 ”, starring Jennifer Garner, although those are both good movies.

Opening sentence for essay

opening sentence for essay


opening sentence for essayopening sentence for essayopening sentence for essayopening sentence for essay