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prompt payment laws : Also known as fair claims practice regulations. Enacted state by state, prompt payment laws set standards for the prompt, fair and equitable settlements of insurance claims by requiring that a set amount of interest be paid on "clean claims" that are paid beyond the established timeframe. "Clean claim" means a claim for payment of covered health care expenses that is submitted to a payer on the carrier's standard claim form using the most current published procedural codes, with all the required fields completed with information sufficient to adjudicate the claim in accordance with the payer's published filing requirements. These laws need to be analyzed on a case by case basis to determine whether a lawsuit has to be filed by the state department of insurance.

Weight describes one aspect of a paper’s quality. The “basis weight” of a paper is based on the weight of 480 to 500 sheets (500 sheets equal one ream) of a paper in its standard size at a temperature of 75 ° F and a humidity of 50 percent. For example, 140 lb. watercolor paper-a typical artists’ paper-indicates that approximately 500 sheets of this paper in its standard size, 22″x30″, would weight 140 pounds. The standard size used for most print paper basis weight is 24″x36″. It is particularly difficult to compare weights of art papers to commercial print papers because of the difference in standard sizes.

Reading time should be fun, not a chore (for you, the librarian or the kids!).  Here are some ideas to accompany reading time that I hope will help keep the experience an enjoyable one for everyone. General Franklin Ideas:

  • Franklin bookmarks
  • Franklin craft (TP Roll project)
  • Franklin Iron On T-Shirt Transfers
  • Franklin coloring pages from DLTKs
Book:  Franklin Goes to School
Franklin is nervous about his first day of school until he finds out how much fun it is to learn at school.

Paper terms tooth

paper terms tooth


paper terms toothpaper terms toothpaper terms toothpaper terms tooth