Sachin tendulkar essay in english

What to say about this, my mind was actually getting hang just like mobiles while reading this and after completing the reading whenever think about him that he is now retired from cricket I feel like my heart is cutted by want to say that it’s really very very…. much difficult for me to accept this that hi can’t play now for day starts with his memories and ends with his memories. I can do any thing to just touch his foots can even die as easily as hi plays cricket for am his like him as much as hi like cricket. The more I think about him the more I like have purchased my mind from me and he Will stay there till I die. Sachin…….Sachin…

The freedom struggle gives a very good example. Gandhiji, the father of the nation, started the Satyagraha at Champaran in 1917. Then after, he took years to build upon the movement, brick by brick, steadily. Mass movements were held. People from all castes and communities were mobilized. In particular, Gandhiji was careful never to engage too fast. So much so, that he suspended the Non Cooperation Movement after the Chauri Chara incident, where a violent mob burnt a police station. He realized that by being too fast, the movement would easily crumble under the weight of the powerful British. Being steady was more important than being fast, too fast. No wonder, Gandhiji was vindicated when India won the freedom at the midnight of 15th August, when the world slept and India awoke to life and freedom.

Sachin tendulkar essay in english

sachin tendulkar essay in english


sachin tendulkar essay in englishsachin tendulkar essay in englishsachin tendulkar essay in englishsachin tendulkar essay in english