Writing and publishing a book

SECTION 1. Introduction The nature of academic writing SECTION 2. The academic article Titles Authors . Abstracts Key words Introductions Methods Results Discussions Acknowledgements References Footnotes Responding to referees Proofs SECTION 3. Other genres Books Theses Literature reviews Conference papers Tables and graphs Posters Book reviews Letters to the editor Annotated bibliographies SECTION 4. Other aspects of academic writing Finding, keeping and disseminating information Choosing where to publish Delays in the publishing process Refereeing Sex differences Procrastination and writer’s block Collaborative writing Productive writers Appendices Guidelines for academic writing Guidelines for revising text Abbreviations for American States

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Once you have selected a journal, one of the most important considerations is writing to the specific target audience of that journal. To do this, consider both the scope and readership of the journal. Therefore, when submitting to a journal with a general audience, greater background information will need to be provided, compared to that with a more specific scope. For example, a review on a respiratory mucosal vaccine against tuberculosis will need to present a more thorough background of the disease and vaccine platform to a journal with general medical or biological scope compared to those specifically involving the respiratory tract or tuberculosis. This is important as a general readership will become quickly lost or disinterested in a review if such details are not initially presented.

Writing and publishing a book

writing and publishing a book


writing and publishing a bookwriting and publishing a bookwriting and publishing a bookwriting and publishing a book